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i have a new computer, custom built.

it will not defrag, it says:

drive content changed, restarting

what is the problem??
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You are running other programs that add/move things on the hard drive. It's can't put them in order when they keep changing, and eventually gets frustrated. So quit everything you possibly can and make sure you screen saver doesn't come on. Leave it alone after that, go get a snack, and come back when it's done...ahhh the magic of defrag ;) I hope that helped

i tried that, it went for 30 minutes or more and did not defrag.

i have everything shut down.

i agree that something is changing the drive but how do i find it??
I'm guessing your running Win98, so as far as I know you don't have an active process list anywhere accessible to the average user, but ctrl+alt+delete does bring up a list of active programs, you should make sure that is blank, except for explorer, and if someone could help me out with the other big one... I'm a little rusty on my 98 :) Also, I know it's possible to get an active process list with win98, because, don't ask me how I know it's a long story, but Sub7 has an option that shows it, and so does TDS. ( Trojan Defense Suite ) But once again.. I suggest you make sure you disabled your screen saver completely. Sorry if this doesn't help much, but like I said I'm a little rusty on my Win 98 config
Sometimes it is possible to run defrag in SAFE MODE. Give that and try.
(ctrl+alt+del) ended task of everything except explorer, it still refuses to defrag.

i do have win98

screen saver is off but how do i make sure it really is off??
Hello RockinRon

Try this



Type msconfig.exe

Go to the startup tab

Uncheck everything except systray


Reboot and try to Defrag again...:)
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Try it.

Bvalkor and Speedo are right. Safe mode or eliminating programs at star-up are two ways in which you can run degrag without interruptions (I personally ran it in safe mode without glitch ["ran it" because I use a software to do it now]). Good luck.
ok. i will try it

is this a common problem??

how do i start up in safe mode??
Press F8 while booting. It will give you the option.
defrag & safe mode

yes, i got safe mode figured out. it DID defrag in safemode.

is this a common problem?? do i need to figure out which program is causing this and remove it?
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