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this is a bad situation i have here.

machine in question is a spacewalker mobo, an AMD Athlon Thunderbird 900, 128 meg sd ram x2 = 512 total, a 300 watt P/S and windows 98se.

long ago it was noticed that the CPU temp was climing into the 80's (celcius) the system temp was also around the 70's

nowadays, the cpu was only getting to the 50's cos i cleaned the dust out of the heatsink and fan.

and for a time... it was good.

then one day, the machine started restarting at random.
i checked the temps, and still the system temp is high.

tried to reinstall, and i was greeted by weird hard disk noises, and then a reboot. dozens of times i tried to complete a reinstall.
and then i couldnt even get it to finish formatting.

the only thing it would do without rebooting was to sit at the bios, and monitor the temp.

took the hard disk (thinking the clicking meant it was dying) and put it in a different machine, and ran fdisk on it, and again created a primary dos partition. it didnt try to repair any lost clusters...

it also formatted fine.
it also passed a thorough scandisk.

put it back, started an install, and less than 10 seconds later i found it rebooting.

reached inside and felt the board, and it burned me.

the area of the board that is getting hot (like catch paper on fire hot.) is the area next to the processor, with all the triodes and capacitors.

(p.s. the caps in that area of the board seem to be very swollen, as if about to burst)

i need to find a replacement board, but one that will still use pc-133 sdram, and the AMD 900 processor.

cant seem to find anyone selling a board that old.

from day one this machine had a bad AGP slot, but we didnt care, we disabled the onboard video card, and installed a 64 meg pci video.

i figure since someone posted a link for my friend vikki about where she can find mfm controller cards, that someone might know a place i can get a mobo that will support a socket 462/socket a amd chip that needs to run at 900. also needing sdram, instead of the newer ddr.

before it is mentioned, i will not shop at ebay.

i live in the northwest, and really cant drive far to get it. but would if the price was right.

the a-hole at the used store wants 70 bucks for one, and i can get a new board for that, so i dont feel its worth it for a 3.5 year old board...

problem is, a new board wont run the 900 athlon, and requires ddr memory, and after investing in 256 megs of ram, it is undesirable to switch.

the person owning this has no reason to upgrade, and refuses to. and i can see why, as it is already more system than they require.

(which is more than i require too, my amd 500 with 128 megs does anything i have ever wanted to do, and i feel that if youre warm and happy in a pile of crap, keep your mouth shut. i'll say that i wont upgrade untill i am forced to, since the newer machines have more and more problems every day as the industry tries to overstep themselves.)

can someone show me a place that still has these dinosaurs?
or is there a way to fix this problem short of dissecting the board and replacing the caps?

if a pic of the hot area on the board in question will help, ill try to post one...

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