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Dead Mobo, New Mobo, Slow load Windows, CPU Idle at 50%

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Alright, I had a motherboard that died (ASUS P4S800) I needed a quick fix so I ran to Compusa and bought a new motherboard (Abit VT7) After putting it in I repaired windows, but everything was running slow as far as boot up. The Windows black screen with the blue bar goes quick and fine, and then once the screen blinks and the mouse appears on black it takes a while before the windows login screen (I have it set to autologin with tweakui). Then it takes a while before it says loading your settings or whatever, then finally it boots into windows.

Right now I'm idling and running CPU at 53%. The load up and idle cpu were the same when I ran msconfig and rebooted into diagnostic mode. Next I ran disk defrag and check disk, still no fix. So I reformatted the disk and reinstalled windows. Same story. Everything runs pretty alright, but the cpu rocking the 50% area is no good.

Under Processes in task manager, System Idle Process is at 88-90% so obviously something is off here. Anyway, I've got a new mobo (Asus P4P800SE) coming from newegg and when it gets here I'm returning this Abit board. However I'd like to find out what is up with this crazy cpu idle. Any suggestions or things I should try and do?

here's the system specs
abit vt7
p4 2.8GHz Prescott
1GB Kingston DDR
80GB Western Digital (system) ATA
160GB Seagate (storage) ATA
Nvidia Geforce FX 5200

I ran FreshDiagnose's CPU Benchmark and it ranked my processor lower than all the others on the chart. Even lower than the Celeron 700MHz. All other benchmarks ranked as they should have.

Please help me guys! Thanks!
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check you have the l2 cache enabled in the bios,in the device manager you should see 2 cpu's listed
hey dai, thanks for the response. I'll check on the l2 cache in a few, but device manager lists 2 cpus.

Some more info... CPU-Z info

Core Speed: 2813.8MHz (around this fluctuating)
Multiplier: x14.0
FSB: 201.0MHz
Bus Speed: 804MHz (around this fluctuating)
L1 Data: 16 KBytes
L1 Trace: 12 Kuops
Level 2: 1024KBytes

Also, I ran CPU Benchmark in FreshDiagnose... My processor ranked lowest on the charts. Below an Intel Celeron 700MHz that's horrible. something is terribly wrong.
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if you are seeing it in the device manager,it is enabled check your cpu temp is not to high and causing it to throttle back
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