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Dead - Acer Aspire 7520

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A friend asked me to look at his ACER Aspire 7520, it is completly dead, no ligt when the power adapter is connected. When you push the power button, nothing happens, no fan reaction, no light, nothing.

I have tried to strip it down, by removing the battery, memory and all cards, but even without these components installed, the machine is still dead.

I have measured the AC adapter, and it delivers 19 V, so it is ok, and therfor my guess is that the motherboard is the cause of the problem.

I have seen this thread, but my fault is not the same:

1. Do you believe that the re-melt tip, could help in my case
2. If not, do you know where I can buy a new motherboard

Best regards
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Hello kimserup and welcome to TSF,

The procedure outlined in that thread will not help a no-power situation.

Your likely culprit is in the power circuitry or PSU.

The first place to look is the power jack (DC Jack).

Do you have a removable DC jack or is it soldered to the MoBo?
Remove the DC jack and check the voltage at the connector (where it plugs into the motherboard).
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