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-sweeeeeet forum

Hello i have a dell precesion (2007) laptop and i am trying to capture some video games via my capture card onto my external 100 GB maxdor.

I have pinnacle studos 10 properly installed but when i try to click n capture source my dazzle capture card doesnt appear as an option- i fear that this is because it doesnt recognize it through the USB hub.

the reason i dont think it reads the usb hub is because my computer recently doesnt want to read anybodys usb information.
-ive tried other external drives and it doesnt come up under my computer
-ive tried 256 mb jump drives and they werent recognized
-and ive tried barious ipods and they werent recognized

any idea how i can make it so my ipods/external/ and eventually capture card are again recognized by my PC

-thanks a lot and i hope i can learn a lot from this awesome forum
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