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Good Day All,

My team and I at work manage many server backups that are using Backup Exec and CA ArcServe. These server are for all different clients. Currently we monitor the backups by logging into each server running those backups and fill out an excel spreadsheet if the backup was successful or if it has failed. Say we are each responsible for 50 servers. Each of us have our own spreadsheet with our own servers but we have a master spreadsheet that ties in each of our spread sheets with EVERY server which displays the backup status.

I am looking for a MUCH easier way to do this. It is quite confusing to look through the full spreadsheet. A big negative is that the spreadsheet is on a per day basis. It gets written over every day so there is not retention.

I am looking for some kind of Database software that can create a database for each of the team members overlooking the backups. Within these database would have a list of clients and there respective servers. Then each team member would update the database with the status of the backup.

I want to be able to do reporting so each day a new "table" is created. I want to be able to run reports is any which way like...
- Report on Client X showing all servers and there status for the last X days.
- Report on Team Member X with all of their respective clients and server
- etc

Is there software that can do this? What I am looking for is something that is easily configurable and really doesn't require any coding since nobody really has time to to create this from scratch.

Also, would it be able to tie this into a Web based front end to enter all of the data.
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