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Data retrieval from Fujitsu Amilo laptop (Toshiba HDD)

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Hello Forum, :wave:

Having problems at recovering data from a HDD belonging to a Fujistu Amilo laptop. Toshiba 2.5" HDD (Toshiba MK3201GAS). :upset:

The OS (windows ? ???) is corrupt with COE for Windows XP. We can only assume this is Windows XP.

Anyhow I wish to rescue the data before I reinstall the OS with something else - probably Ubuntu. :wink:

Thought nothing of it and put HDD into disk enclosure.
No new drive shows post connection to another computer.

Reading on Toshiba website, it is in master mode @ the mom. Grabbed jumper from 3.5" HDD and attemtped to change to slave - NOK. Can a jumper from a 3.5" be used on a 2.5" HDD?

Has anybody ever encountered similar problems with Toshiba HDD and if yes, how did you resolve?

Awaiting in anticipation. :sleep:

I fear the HDD is protected (fail-safe) when extracted from the laptop . . . :eek:

Cheers for now - heading to the beer fridge.
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hi you could try putting it back in the laptop and use ubuntu livecd to transfer data to a usb device
Brilliant idea :pray: only problem - screen is not working. :upset:

OK will link laptop to monitor and boot up with another linux livecd (knoppix) and attempt data recovery. :wink:
As always watch this space . . :wink:

Back to the original question, Toshiba HDDs, are they locked when removed from the laptop?
Are you unable to extract data when positioned in a disk enclosure? :4-dontkno

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