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data from Win 98 to XP

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hi oshwyn5-my win98 is just ac/dc connected. my xp is 56k dial-up. I want to trnasfer jpeg files frm the old win98 pc to the newer xp. Please help. Purchased a sandisk cruzer usb 2.0 flash drive, but that won't work. Thanks
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Hi hollygirl20

Here's the only SanDisk Win98se driver for the Cruzer that I know of --- Go to
Click on Support
Click on Driver Download Wizard
From the drop-down list, choose Cruzer
From the drop-down list for operating system - choose Windows 98se
Click on Find Driver
You will be using the SDCZ1 driver for Win98se

These are the likely steps for a successful installation:
Install the SDCZ driver.
Reboot the computer.
Win98 will detect the new hardware and prompt you for the drive.
Chose Display a list of all the drivers in a specific location, so you can select the driver you want.
Chose Hard disk controllers.
Chose SanDisk from the list of manufacturers
Chose Cruzer Micro USB-Flash-Drive from the device list.
Click Yes at the warning regarding the wrong driver.


Should that not work, you can try some generic drivers (windows 98 of course doesn't natively have USB support for pen drives). On the following webpage are two links to generic USB drivers -- one is for Windows 98 original version, and one is for Windows 98 2nd Edition. The webpage also has instructions on how to tell if you have the Win98 or Win98se. Here's the link ---

Should that also not work, if the old PC has a working CD or DVD burner - use that.

If you have a tech-savvy friend, it's also possible to pull the old hard drive & connect it to the newer PC & transfer files - but only someone who knows the correct steps should try this [it's easiest and safest using an external hard drive enclosure & then connecting it to the Windows XP PC].

Best of luck
. . . Gary
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