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Data Error (Cyclic Redundancy Check)

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Hi everyone,

Sorry if this error gets posted a lot but I'm really trying to figure out how to fix this. My issue is as follows:

I currently use a WD 1tb external hard drive to backup my music, movies and pictures. Tonight I tried to save a photo into the pictures folder and got the "you need to format the disk in drive G:/ before you can use it" of course I chose not to format and got the CRC error. At first I thought it was the entire drive that was doing this, but turns out I can still access my music, movies, TV shows, just not the pictures folder (the most important one)

Now I hadn't even gotten around to backing up all my photos to another external before this happened so if I lose these pictures I will be very upset.

Any explanation on why the other folders work but not this one? Could that mean the data is recoverable? If so, how do I do this? I've read a few other threads on this and I must admit a lot of the technical terms fly right over my head. Please help if you can or do you suggest I take this in to a tech shop to look at?

I ran the chkdsk on the external and now the pictures folder is gone. I've never felt more stupid and helpless in my life.

Is there anything I can do? Can I recover these pictures?

Thank you in advance.
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Networks said:
Download R-studio demo and scan the drive to see if it can recover the files
Thanks, I'll try this when I get home and report back.
So it looks like its recovered some of the pictures but I need to purchase the full version, this isn't a problem but there are 7 or 8 diff versions on the site.

Scan took about 12 hours but hopefully it pays off when I purchase the software.
Networks said:
Just click on help and you can purchase from that menu the ver you currently have installed
Perfect, thanks!
So $80 later it was only able to recover 20 photos. I'm just going to take it to a tech shop and have them look at it, there must be photos somewhere
Networks said:
Try recuva it does a good job with photos also were you getting errors because the CRC will cause you to have major problems attempting to recover data
I got lots of errors while running the program and it didn't turn out like the example videos I watched on YouTube! It also recovered a lot of duplicate photos.

With the program you suggested, will that still work if I was getting the CRC?
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