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Darn you "BTX"

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This fourm is my last resort. After 2 hours of hold time with dell (I know im a morron, I should hung up after the 30mintue mark) and long research, I have no clue just what im about to do with this BTX Issue.

I am getting a Dell Demension 5100 (No choice, boss is buying it) and when i read the specs, It said it comes with a 305watt Power supply.

Ok, That is NOT going to power this brand new Nivida 6800gt i bought, also 2 gigs of added ram.

My question is, What is BTX, and where can I get a power supply?

Will ATX work with it? I dont want to F up this new system when it comes, I just want to buy thr PS before it comes so i can go STR8 to gaming and not haveing my computer shut down every 5 mintues cuz the darn PS cant push my g card.

Please asist me... TSF is my last resort, always was, always helped.

- Lisa
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Balanced Technology Extended (BTX) System is a specification and guide for the designers of motherboards, cases, and power supplies (PSU) to ensure their products work together.

For further information...
Balanced Technology Extended (BTX) System Design Guide v1.0

Dell uses a propriety PSU that has different wiring/connector arrangements than the standard ATX PSU and they are not interchangeable.

Simply, you will have to use a Dell PSU.
i dont know whatsup with the BTX form factor but it was suppose to replace the ATX form factor. all of the cpu sockets, and other connectors on the BTX motherboards were move around to improve cooling solutions.
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