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I'm looking to change the power supply in my Acer Aspire X1800 upon looking at this tiny PC I was fairly certain that the power supply is extremely small (which it is) I have no idea if there are any *upgrades* that can be done for this.

I would like to get something that can handle a better graphics card. This model has a Nvidia GeForce 7100 Integrated. The tower is quite small and from the look of things cannot handle a normal sized graphics card either.

Any suggestions on this? I am toying with the idea of just moving it all over to a bigger tower that I have but I have no idea if this will work.

I'm not all that experienced in this field.
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I too would opt for a standard ATX size tower.
If you want to upgrade the GPU & PSU a larger case will be required. Mid size towers are a good option.
Well now I have no idea if my mobo can be placed in the tower that I have, it's fairly old. 5 or six years I think, never used.
It's one of the old Viper cases, don't have any pics except these ones:

I guess I should start posting this somewhere else, I basically just need to ask thousands of silly questions.
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That is, at minimum, a Mid-Tower case and it will accept mATX and ATX Mobo's as well as a standard ATX PSU.
So now i should ask, apparently this computer is meant for a "low-profile" graphics card? If I were to switch over to the bigger tower, and purchase a new power supply and graphics card would it all work that simply?
If all of your hardware is compatible, yes.
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