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damn drives!!!

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dell xps b model tower
the ide config was
zip drive
1.44 flop

i just got a new dvd-rw
so i swapped it with the cdrw
and for some reason it is not
completing found new hardware process
when it boots to xp pro
that and now its not showing my cdrom drive in my
computer either, so i went in the bios , changed it to plug and play
and it recongnized both completed process ,
i looked in my computer and everthing was as it should have and
then it prompted me to reboot so i did , however upon rebooting
it did the found new hardware thing and the icon were no longer in
my computer and drives would not auto load (drives being dvd-rw and cdrom), so i rebooted to bios again changed the plug and play
thing thinking maybe it had something to do with that , however
evertime i boot it does the same thing , i went and ran the add new hardware and it picked up the new dvd drive and completed it
and doing allowed me to auto run and icon appeared in my computer
untill i rebooted...then the same thing over and over,
the ide config in the bios recognizing them and they are set up correctly
i beleive...
they are definatly getting power and i swapped the ide cables thinking
that could have been it, but to no avail--- :4-dontkno :deveous:
so what do you think guys?
i do not have the installation disks for either...

thanks for the help :wink:
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well i think i have figured a little bit of it out,
it seems as though the bios is not recognizing the slave
it just says not installed in the bios,
but if i switch either drive to master it picks them up,

what can i do to get it to recognize both of them?

they are on the same ribbon

thanks again for any help
Have you tried CS (cable select)? Dells seem to like this setting for some reason.
how exactly do i do this?

i was reading about it last night and wanted to try it,

from the sounds of it , it should work

thanks for the reply!!
On the back of the ide devices you should have jumper settings for master, slave and CS. Set both devices to CS. The device on the end of the cable will be the master and the slave will be on the middle connector.
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