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D-Link Gproblem

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A month ago i have purchased a D-Link package:
- DI-624 AirPlus ExtremeG wireless router (rev C)
- DWL-G650 PCI card (rev C)

Ever since, I have been having problems and very often not being able to either get connection on my laptop, or get on the internet. I have been in contact with D-Link technical support many times and have been asked to try so many firmware and driver versions without any luck.

When I turn on my PC, and even if it shows I am connected, I always have to rescan or take out the card and insert it again because I do not get out on internet. Then it works.

And sometimes it goes in an endless “Acquiring Network address” period and it never does.

I configured DI-624 to give static IP addresses and that did not help.

On top of all that, I never go up to 108 Mbit/s.

I hope somebody can help me.
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Forget about 108mbit, that's a pipe dream anyway. Try disabling ALL of the turbo functions and see if it doesn't get more reliable.
Hi Johnwill,
I disabled SuperG mode and enabled the D-Link AirPlus utility. I started my PC again and eventhough it showed that i was connected, packets sent counter was increasing but packets received counter remained at 0. Tried to rescan, took off the card and inserted it again, nothing.
I have then disabled the D-Link AirPlus utility and let Windows manage my wireless networks. Turned off my PC and on again. Surprise: it worked immediately.
I guess that the D-Link utility is bugged and bad. Moreover, the Super G mode does not work. Very bad from them.

Thank you for your help.
I think all of the "turbo" functions are 90% marketing fluff.
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