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Cyclic Redundancy Check

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Hi Folks,
This is a new one on me. Run AutoCad. Have .dwg file that can't be opened, copied, moved or deleted. CRC error message. Not a big deal as I have a back-up of the file, but I would like to delete the corrupt file.
Any suggestions?
Tried several aps such as ErrorKiller to no avail.
Help would be most appreciated.
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Have Admin privileges...
*Run chkdsk /f /r in Command Prompt and then see if you can delete it on a reboot.
*If not also try in Safe Mode.
*Also defrag your HDD and then try.
*Try WhoLockMe and MoveonBoot too if all this fails.

See how that goes.
Cyclic redundancy check

Thx, will try all suggestions
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