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Okay. Hey Everybody, first of all. Second, I'm looking to get a new computer, Ideally one that can Play games at the Highest quality. I have roughly £1000 which is just under $2000. This is the Spec I've came up with so far:

Windows Xp Professional
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.16 ghz, 1333 mhz, 6mb cache
4GB Memory RAM (2x 2gb)
750 GB Hard Drive
Nvidia Geforce 9800 GTX 512mb
Blu Ray Reader and Rewriter
LG GGW-H20L Blu-Ray writer (also dvd drive)
about £700, I make it

Is there anything wrong with what I have? anything better I could get?

Also, I've looked around but struggle to find much Information about Motherboards, Soundcards and Cases. I have no knowledge about these so I'm slightly stuck at this point.
I would need a good Soundcard as I will record Music with my Computer. I would also Need a good, cooling case as I will be playing games and Possibly Overclocking some of my hardware.

Advice? please
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