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Currently what is the best Android Tablet for Gamming?

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Just curious what you guys think.
which is the best?
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I don't know too much about tablets, but you're basically going to want to look at the specs of the tablet. Things such as the number of cores and the speed of those cores. Plus the system memory (ram). What ever tablet is the highest in all those categories will probably run games the best.
Im not sure which android tablet boasts the best specs but I would like to note something.

Very few games are capable of pushing any dual core tablet to its limits (GTA 3 on full specs...maybe). There isnt a lot of graphically intensive games on the market.

If you are looking at serious games then I would suggest On live for you American Folk, it would be the best avenue for gaming providing you can find a way to get a solid controller to work with it. It also effectively negates the specs of a tablet.

Thats my 2 cents but please do post back if you do manage to find a super tab :)
bwsealirl, out of curiosity, what is you profile pic of? A seal with no legs?
Seals don't have legs anyways, silly.

Look at the Android Transformer Prime. I played with one and was BLOWN away.
seals have flippers, not legs, wasn't thinking
Im not too sure really (I thought the lil furry guy was cool) but I suppose the pic was just taken close enough to it's face that ya cant see his flippers.
Btw on a related note, razer announced a gaming tablet with solid controls and a ridiculously high specs. It's gonna cost a small fortune but a it windows 8 steam games will be compatible. I'll post back with a link later.
The Fiona. I doubt that it will go into actual production. But what would be nice is something like the transformer prime, but with a android/windows dual boot. Windows on the keyboard with dedicated graphics etc. Pull it off, and then bam. Android tablet for the win.
^It does look quite...bulky but having a high spec dual boot tablet would be awesome.

What I really hope for though is a good tablet orientated version of ubuntu. Linux has the best music players ever and is awesome to work with.
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