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curiosity killed the computer

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I am currently experiencing massive gaming difficulties with my computer.

I often wonder if there is a compatibility problem between the 64-bit processor and the games I am running. This problem caused my much grief especially while running Windows XP x64.

However, I have recently installed a 32-bit OS of windows, but I still experience the same problems. Upon starting a game(IE Half-life, Command & Conquer, Unreal Tournament, Neverwinter Nights) the game will play for anywhere from 1-5 minutes, before freezing up.

This happens everytime I start one of these games, without fail.

I was curious as to if anyone could point me in the right direction to solving this problem.

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All these steps have been previously, and were again followed last night. No luck though.

System specs are as follows:

Power Supply - Silverstone SST-ST75ZF 750W. Output: [email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected]

Motherboard - Biostar TForce4 SLI Socket 939

CPU - AMD Athlon 64X2 3800+ Socket 939 2.0GHz

RAM - Corsair DDR 400 XMS3200 2 x 512 MB

Video Card - Nvidia 3D Fuzion 7800GTX PCI-E x 16 256MB SLI

Hard Drive - Western Digital SATA 250GB

Operating System - Windows XP Pro SP2

Thanks in advance. Feel free to ask any questions.
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if you post your specs in a drop down next to your name you wont have to retype them everytime, , Try running windows diagnostic memory test, there were some problems with ram on the x64 edition of windows, let the memory diagnostic run overnight. OH and make sure your computer isnt overheating as that can be a cause of system restarts and crashes. [Ususally with the windows diagnostic memory test if it passes the first series of test correctly your ram is usually ok if you want to end the test just press x ] here is the link to download it youll have to download it onto a floppy or a CD

also make sure you have the latest directx 9.0c
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