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CS:S laggin

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my CS:S is laggin real bad, im only gettin like 5-15FPS :upset: lol, that really sucks, and everythings on Low settings, graphics and sound are on Low...

still plays like junk...

my internet is around 2767 download/700 upload, soo thats great..

cant figure it out..
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i was gonna reinstall Steam and stuff, but would that delete all of my current stats?
No your stats are stored serverside on each server you play, they are tracked by your steam id. When re-installing steam dont bother doing the whole thing.
Open your steam folder, goto steamapps then goto your user name. In there is a folder called counter-strike source, rename it to something else and then launch CSS. You will now be playing a fresh "install" of CSS, see if you still suffer from the issue. If you do then it most likely caused by your drivers or another application on your computer consuming a large portion of your CPU. Do you have any 'desktop search' apps installed? i.e. Nero Scout, Google Desktop
well i did un-install Steam and CS:S, still really laggy :mad:...

i got a different video card yesterday, and thats in there now..

dont know what else 2 do..
Have you disabled your firewalls when playing or port-forwarded CS:S so it is not blocked by any firewalls?
well it did play great earlyier this month, without disabling my firewall..

does Steam update automatically? would i need 2 update my Source?
Yeah steam updates your games automatically, in your case this may actually be the cause of the problem. Unfortunately there is no way to rollback updates on Steam so you can't test the old version out. I would check to make sure your "advanced" video settings are set correctly inside CS:S (Try disabling HDR if it's enabled)
HDR is set at None, still kinda laggy...

all the settings are at Lowest also...
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