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CS 1.6- problems with FPS

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hi, i've been having a slight problem with counterstrike lately, in that when i try to load the game, my FPS seems to drop down to between 4 and 8, for no apparant reason.

i will load steam etc etc go on play games, select counter-strike, and it will load normally, but as soon as it loads i can't do anything because the fps is so low, i can move my cursor over the server button for example, and nothing will happen for a while, and then i will get the "click" sound your supposed to get when you move your curser over an option, except played over a loop for about a minute. when the problem first arrised i found it odd, so i opened task manager, and closed a few processes that i didn't need and all was well (this was about a month ago) last week the game worked fine, ie. no fps problems, and i didn#t have to close any processes to get it working, but this week its started doing it again, and this time nothing seems to work. I have tried closing unnecessary processes, i have run a spyware scan with S&D, ewido, and microsoft antispyware, as well as running a full system scan with norton internet security; and finally running CleanUp, and using that to delete all my temp files and cookies and stuff like that. after all that, nothing, so as far as i can tell this isn't a problem caused by malware because apparantly my system is clean.

I haven't bothered reinstalling the game yet, do you think this would solve the problem? the last time i had a problem with CS, reinstalling didn't seem to solve it (also a video problem- i was stook on a resolution that didn't agree with my monitor's refresh rate, however thats in the past now)

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go into console by pressing ~
type net_graph 3
and tell me if you are getting any choke or losses

if so, the change of your rate is required.
go back into console and typ rate 9999 and see if that might fix it
if not play around with the numbers some common ones are 25000,20000,9999
so see if this fixes it if not reinstall the game and see if the problem still exists
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