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CRT Problems

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hey all!

i got some probs with my CTX crt - a VL710T. prob is - it's getting brighter day by day, which is really annoying. black is not displayed as black anymore, it's rather grey.

adjusting crt setting as colour temp., brightness, contrast, gfx board gamma etc didn't help.
i already got brightness turned to zero and contrast at sth. like 70-80, which is the only acceptable setting.

as i don't want to spend 50$ for being told that a proper repair will cost about 100$, i'm hoping someone in here might be able to give some helpful advice?!?!?

thx in advance,
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If the monitor is dying, I'd shop around for a replacment, repair is probably not a cost effective option. I just saw that OfficeMax had a rebate deal on a 17" monitor for around $70, sounds pretty good to me. :)
well...if i lived in the us i'd probably go for it ... but germany tends to be a bit far away ... :)
I guess you should have posted your country in your profile. :D
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