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I am having trouble getting my crossfire to work with my gigabyte 6950 1g and my visiontek 6950 1g. Every thing is fine till I launch a game or do any 3d graphics test, in fullscreen mode. Here is the text from the dump file debugged with windbg.

Loading Dump File [C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP] 
Kernel Summary Dump File: Only kernel address space is available 

Symbol search path is: srv*c:\symbolcache*[url][/url] 
Executable search path is:  
Windows 7 Kernel Version 7601 (Service Pack 1) MP (8 procs) Free x64 
Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS 
Built by: 7601.18044.amd64fre.win7sp1_gdr.130104-1431 
Machine Name: 
Kernel base = 0xfffff800`0364d000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0xfffff800`03891670 
Debug session time: Sun Feb 24 09:02:50.324 2013 (UTC - 6:00) 
System Uptime: 0 days 8:53:19.564 
Loading Kernel Symbols 
Loading User Symbols 
PEB is paged out (Peb.Ldr = 00000000`7efdf018).  Type ".hh dbgerr001" for details 
Loading unloaded module list 
*                                                                             * 
*                        Bugcheck Analysis                                    * 
*                                                                             * 

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information. 

BugCheck 3B, {c0000005, fffff88005f45115, fffff8800bbe5440, 0} 

*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for atikmdag.sys 
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for atikmpag.sys 
Page 3f42c8 not present in the dump file. Type ".hh dbgerr004" for details 
Probably caused by : atikmdag.sys ( atikmdag+8b6115 ) 

Followup: MachineOwner 

1: kd> !analyze -v 
*                                                                             * 
*                        Bugcheck Analysis                                    * 
*                                                                             * 

An exception happened while executing a system service routine. 
Arg1: 00000000c0000005, Exception code that caused the bugcheck 
Arg2: fffff88005f45115, Address of the instruction which caused the bugcheck 
Arg3: fffff8800bbe5440, Address of the context record for the exception that caused the bugcheck 
Arg4: 0000000000000000, zero. 

Debugging Details: 

OVERLAPPED_MODULE: Address regions for 'spsys' and 'spsys.sys' overlap 

EXCEPTION_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xc0000005 - The instruction at 0x%08lx referenced memory at 0x%08lx. The memory could not be %s. 

fffff880`05f45115 4c8b00          mov     r8,qword ptr [rax] 

CONTEXT:  fffff8800bbe5440 -- (.cxr 0xfffff8800bbe5440) 
rax=0000000000000000 rbx=fffff8a004ddbf80 rcx=0000000000000001 
rdx=0000000000000000 rsi=fffff8800bbe5f70 rdi=fffff8a004ddbf80 
rip=fffff88005f45115 rsp=fffff8800bbe5e20 rbp=fffff8800bbe5e40 
 r8=000000000000320c  r9=0000000000003200 r10=0000000000000000 
r11=000000000000b8d3 r12=0000000000000006 r13=fffff8800bbe68cc 
r14=fffff8a0020142e0 r15=0000000000000000 
iopl=0         nv up ei pl zr na po nc 
cs=0010  ss=0018  ds=002b  es=002b  fs=0053  gs=002b             efl=00210246 
fffff880`05f45115 4c8b00          mov     r8,qword ptr [rax] ds:002b:00000000`00000000=???????????????? 
Resetting default scope 



PROCESS_NAME:  Darksiders2.ex 


LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER:  from fffff88005f44cfc to fffff88005f45115 

fffff880`0bbe5e20 fffff880`05f44cfc : fffff8a0`04ddbf80  fffff880`0bbe5f70 fffff880`0bbe5ed0 00000000`00000000 :  atikmdag+0x8b6115 
fffff880`0bbe5e50 fffff880`05f3eb16 : fffff8a0`020c2a20  fffff8a0`08d6bf68 fffff8a0`08d6bf68 fffff880`05e7a3cb :  atikmdag+0x8b5cfc 
fffff880`0bbe5e80 fffff880`05e7d786 : fffff880`0bbe5f18  00000000`00000002 fffff880`0bbe5ef0 fffff880`05e54cd4 :  atikmdag+0x8afb16 
fffff880`0bbe5eb0 fffff880`05e1f7ee : fffff8a0`020c2a20  fffff8a0`08d6bf68 fffff880`0bbe5f70 fffff880`05e70108 :  atikmdag+0x7ee786 
fffff880`0bbe5f00 fffff880`05e70a14 : fffff880`0bbe6100  00000000`00000008 fffff8a0`020142c0 00000000`00000000 :  atikmdag+0x7907ee 
fffff880`0bbe5f50 fffff880`05e7014d : fffff880`0bbe6038  fffff880`0bbe6020 fffff880`0bbe6038 00000000`00000018 :  atikmdag+0x7e1a14 
fffff880`0bbe5fa0 fffff880`05e24c66 : fffff880`0bbe6098  00000000`00000000 fffff880`0bbe6080 fffffa80`10cc5a90 :  atikmdag+0x7e114d 
fffff880`0bbe6000 fffff880`05db5bd7 : 00000000`0000000b  fffff880`0bbe6100 00000000`00000030 fffffa80`10cc5a90 :  atikmdag+0x795c66 
fffff880`0bbe6060 fffff880`05db4c3a : 00000000`00000000  fffffa80`10cc5a90 fffff880`0bbe6160 fffff880`0bbe6160 :  atikmdag+0x726bd7 
fffff880`0bbe60d0 fffff880`05dc9766 : 00000000`00000008  00000000`00000001 00000000`00000000 fffffa80`10cd50d0 :  atikmdag+0x725c3a 
fffff880`0bbe6140 fffff880`05dc9111 : fffffa80`10cd50d0  00000000`00000006 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 :  atikmdag+0x73a766 
fffff880`0bbe6190 fffff880`05db257e : 00000000`00000000  00000000`00000006 fffffa80`10c05460 00000000`00000003 :  atikmdag+0x73a111 
fffff880`0bbe61c0 fffff880`05db0e27 : 00000000`00000001  fffffa80`16e6f780 00000000`00000000 ffffffff`c000000d :  atikmdag+0x72357e 
fffff880`0bbe61f0 fffff880`056edcfd : fffffa80`12647e00  fffffa80`12647e80 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000200 :  atikmdag+0x721e27 
fffff880`0bbe6220 fffff880`05741e7d : fffffa80`12647e80 fffff880`0bbe6858 fffff880`0bbe62d0 fffffa80`1268c000 : atikmdag+0x5ecfd 
fffff880`0bbe6250 fffff880`05741fea : fffff880`0bbe62e0 00000000`00000000 fffffa80`184880f0 00000000`00000000 : atikmdag+0xb2e7d 
fffff880`0bbe6280 fffff880`0574143b : fffffa80`12647e80 fffffa80`16e6f780 00000000`00000002 00000000`00000000 : atikmdag+0xb2fea 
fffff880`0bbe62b0 fffff880`0572d388 : fffffa80`124bb000 00000000`00000001 00000000`00000003 fffffa80`16e6f780 : atikmdag+0xb243b 
fffff880`0bbe62e0 fffff880`05726728 : fffffa80`124bb028 fffff880`0bbe694c 00000000`00000003 fffffa80`16e6f780 : atikmdag+0x9e388 
fffff880`0bbe6310 fffff880`056a3907 : 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000001 00000000`00000000 : atikmdag+0x97728 
fffff880`0bbe6350 fffff880`056a0e8e : fffff880`0bbe68cc fffff880`0bbe6500 fffffa80`10bd9c00 fffff880`0bbe6500 : atikmdag+0x14907 
fffff880`0bbe6490 fffff880`04c39b9d : fffffa80`10bd9c00 fffff880`0bbe6698 00000000`00000000 fffffa80`10d24f80 : atikmdag+0x11e8e 
fffff880`0bbe64e0 fffff880`04c3aa12 : 00000000`00000003 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 fffffa80`11494780 : atikmpag+0x13b9d 
fffff880`0bbe6540 fffff880`04c3a082 : fffff880`0bbe6698 fffff880`0bbe6801 00000000`00000000 fffffa80`10d24f80 : atikmpag+0x14a12 
fffff880`0bbe6600 fffff880`04c7198a : fffffa80`10c25440 fffff880`0bbe6810 fffff880`0bbe68cc fffffa80`12660000 : atikmpag+0x14082 
fffff880`0bbe6670 fffff880`04ce7f50 : fffff880`00000000 00000000`00000000 fffff880`00000002 fffffa80`10bef3c0 : atikmpag+0x4b98a 
fffff880`0bbe6700 fffff880`04cdb093 : 00000000`00000000  00000000`00000000 fffff880`0bbe6b60 00000000`00000003 :  dxgkrnl!DXGADAPTER:[IMG][/IMG]diEscape+0x50 
fffff880`0bbe6730 fffff960`001e173a : 00000000`0008e1c0  fffffa80`121e5060 00000000`7efdb000 00000000`00000020 :  dxgkrnl!DxgkEscape+0x7af 
fffff880`0bbe6ab0 fffff800`036c1ed3 : 00000000`00000001  00000000`0c770000 00000000`00000001 00000000`0018dac8 :  win32k!NtGdiDdDDIEscape+0x12 
fffff880`0bbe6ae0 00000000`7466148a : 00000000`00000000  00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 :  nt!KiSystemServiceCopyEnd+0x13 
00000000`0008e2e8 00000000`00000000 : 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 : 0x7466148a 

fffff880`05f45115 4c8b00          mov     r8,qword ptr [rax] 


SYMBOL_NAME:  atikmdag+8b6115 

FOLLOWUP_NAME:  MachineOwner 

MODULE_NAME: atikmdag 

IMAGE_NAME:  atikmdag.sys 


STACK_COMMAND:  .cxr 0xfffff8800bbe5440 ; kb 

FAILURE_BUCKET_ID:  X64_0x3B_atikmdag+8b6115 

BUCKET_ID:  X64_0x3B_atikmdag+8b6115 

Followup: MachineOwner 

1: kd> lm 
start             end                 module name 
fffff800`00b9c000 fffff800`00ba6000   kdcom      (deferred)              
fffff800`03604000 fffff800`0364d000   hal        (deferred)              
fffff800`0364d000 fffff800`03c34000   nt         (pdb symbols)            c:\symbolcache\ntkrnlmp.pdb\B09DFEAFE5F546ECA785C4F8577A2CC02\ntkrnlmp.pdb 
fffff880`00c00000 fffff880`00c5c000   volmgrx    (deferred)              
fffff880`00c5c000 fffff880`00c76000   mountmgr   (deferred)              
fffff880`00c84000 fffff880`00c91000   mcupdate_AuthenticAMD   (deferred)              
fffff880`00c91000 fffff880`00ca5000   PSHED      (deferred)              
fffff880`00ca5000 fffff880`00d03000   CLFS       (deferred)              
fffff880`00d03000 fffff880`00dc3000   CI         (deferred)              
fffff880`00dc3000 fffff880`00ded000   ataport    (deferred)              
fffff880`00e00000 fffff880`00e33000   pci        (deferred)              
fffff880`00e33000 fffff880`00e40000   vdrvroot   (deferred)              
fffff880`00e40000 fffff880`00e65000   vsflt53    (deferred)              
fffff880`00e65000 fffff880`00e7a000   partmgr    (deferred)              
fffff880`00e7a000 fffff880`00e8f000   volmgr     (deferred)              
fffff880`00e8f000 fffff880`00e96000   pciide     (deferred)              
fffff880`00e96000 fffff880`00ea6000   PCIIDEX    (deferred)              
fffff880`00ea6000 fffff880`00eaf000   atapi      (deferred)              
fffff880`00eaf000 fffff880`00eba000   amdxata    (deferred)              
fffff880`00ebe000 fffff880`00f80000   Wdf01000   (deferred)              
fffff880`00f80000 fffff880`00f90000   WDFLDR     (deferred)              
fffff880`00f90000 fffff880`00fe7000   ACPI       (deferred)              
fffff880`00fe7000 fffff880`00ff0000   WMILIB     (deferred)              
fffff880`00ff0000 fffff880`00ffa000   msisadrv   (deferred)              
fffff880`01000000 fffff880`0103a000   fvevol     (deferred)              
fffff880`0103a000 fffff880`0106a000   CLASSPNP   (deferred)              
fffff880`01083000 fffff880`010cf000   fltmgr     (deferred)              
fffff880`010cf000 fffff880`010e3000   fileinfo   (deferred)              
fffff880`010e3000 fffff880`01141000   msrpc      (deferred)              
fffff880`01141000 fffff880`011b3000   cng        (deferred)              
fffff880`011b3000 fffff880`011e9000   vididr     (deferred)              
fffff880`01200000 fffff880`0121b000   ksecdd     (deferred)              
fffff880`0121b000 fffff880`0122c000   pcw        (deferred)              
fffff880`0122c000 fffff880`01236000   Fs_Rec     (deferred)              
fffff880`01256000 fffff880`013f9000   Ntfs       (deferred)              
fffff880`01400000 fffff880`01416000   disk       (deferred)              
fffff880`01433000 fffff880`01525000   ndis       (deferred)              
fffff880`01525000 fffff880`01585000   NETIO      (deferred)              
fffff880`01585000 fffff880`015b0000   ksecpkg    (deferred)              
fffff880`015b0000 fffff880`015f9000   fwpkclnt   (deferred)              
fffff880`01600000 fffff880`01800000   tcpip      (deferred)              
fffff880`01800000 fffff880`01846000   snapman    (deferred)              
fffff880`01846000 fffff880`01880000   rdyboost   (deferred)              
fffff880`0188f000 fffff880`0197f000   timntr     (deferred)              
fffff880`0197f000 fffff880`0198f000   vmstorfl   (deferred)              
fffff880`0198f000 fffff880`019db000   volsnap    (deferred)              
fffff880`019db000 fffff880`019e3000   spldr      (deferred)              
fffff880`019e3000 fffff880`019f5000   mup        (deferred)              
fffff880`019f5000 fffff880`019fe000   hwpolicy   (deferred)              
fffff880`03c00000 fffff880`03c26000   tunnel     (deferred)              
fffff880`03c26000 fffff880`03c3b000   amdppm     (deferred)              
fffff880`03c3b000 fffff880`03c44000   wmiacpi    (deferred)              
fffff880`03c81000 fffff880`03c9e000   serial     (deferred)              
fffff880`03c9e000 fffff880`03cb9000   wanarp     (deferred)              
fffff880`03cb9000 fffff880`03ccd000   termdd     (deferred)              
fffff880`03ccd000 fffff880`03d1e000   rdbss      (deferred)              
fffff880`03d1e000 fffff880`03d2a000   nsiproxy   (deferred)              
fffff880`03d2a000 fffff880`03d35000   mssmbios   (deferred)              
fffff880`03d35000 fffff880`03d44000   discache   (deferred)              
fffff880`03d44000 fffff880`03dc7000   csc        (deferred)              
fffff880`03dc7000 fffff880`03de5000   dfsc       (deferred)              
fffff880`03de5000 fffff880`03df6000   blbdrive   (deferred)              
fffff880`03df6000 fffff880`03dfe000   AppleCharger   (deferred)              
fffff880`04000000 fffff880`0400f000   netbios    (deferred)              
fffff880`0401c000 fffff880`04046000   cdrom      (deferred)              
fffff880`04046000 fffff880`0404f000   Null       (deferred)              
fffff880`0404f000 fffff880`04056000   Beep       (deferred)              
fffff880`04056000 fffff880`04064000   vga        (deferred)              
fffff880`04064000 fffff880`04089000   VIDEOPRT   (deferred)              
fffff880`04089000 fffff880`04099000   watchdog   (deferred)              
fffff880`04099000 fffff880`040a2000   RDPCDD     (deferred)              
fffff880`040a2000 fffff880`040ab000   rdpencdd   (deferred)              
fffff880`040ab000 fffff880`040b4000   rdprefmp   (deferred)              
fffff880`040b4000 fffff880`040bf000   Msfs       (deferred)              
fffff880`040bf000 fffff880`040d0000   Npfs       (deferred)              
fffff880`040d0000 fffff880`040f2000   tdx        (deferred)              
fffff880`040f2000 fffff880`040ff000   TDI        (deferred)              
fffff880`040ff000 fffff880`04188000   afd        (deferred)              
fffff880`04188000 fffff880`041cd000   netbt      (deferred)              
fffff880`041cd000 fffff880`041d6000   wfplwf     (deferred)              
fffff880`041d6000 fffff880`041fc000   pacer      (deferred)              
fffff880`04200000 fffff880`04224000   mrxsmb20   (deferred)              
fffff880`04224000 fffff880`04256000   AODDriver2   (deferred)              
fffff880`0426f000 fffff880`04338000   HTTP       (deferred)              
fffff880`04338000 fffff880`04356000   bowser     (deferred)              
fffff880`04356000 fffff880`0436e000   mpsdrv     (deferred)              
fffff880`0436e000 fffff880`0439b000   mrxsmb     (deferred)              
fffff880`0439b000 fffff880`043e9000   mrxsmb10   (deferred)              
fffff880`04c26000 fffff880`04cb3000   atikmpag   (no symbols)            
fffff880`04cb3000 fffff880`04da7000   dxgkrnl    (pdb symbols)            c:\symbolcache\dxgkrnl.pdb\A8224A3006F9476AB12ED5FA72ED178D1\dxgkrnl.pdb 
fffff880`04da7000 fffff880`04dfd000   USBPORT    (deferred)              
fffff880`04e00000 fffff880`04e1b000   raspppoe   (deferred)              
fffff880`04e1b000 fffff880`04e3c000   raspptp    (deferred)              
fffff880`04e3c000 fffff880`04e56000   rassstp    (deferred)              
fffff880`04e56000 fffff880`04e61000   rdpbus     (deferred)              
fffff880`04e61000 fffff880`04e70000   kbdclass   (deferred)              
fffff880`04e70000 fffff880`04e7f000   mouclass   (deferred)              
fffff880`04e7f000 fffff880`04e80480   swenum     (deferred)              
fffff880`04e81000 fffff880`04ec4000   ks         (deferred)              
fffff880`04ec4000 fffff880`04ed6000   umbus      (deferred)              
fffff880`04ed6000 fffff880`04ed7f00   USBD       (deferred)              
fffff880`04eda000 fffff880`04f67000   Rt64win7   (deferred)              
fffff880`04f67000 fffff880`04f73000   serenum    (deferred)              
fffff880`04f73000 fffff880`04f83000   CompositeBus   (deferred)              
fffff880`04f83000 fffff880`04f99000   AgileVpn   (deferred)              
fffff880`04f99000 fffff880`04fbd000   rasl2tp    (deferred)              
fffff880`04fbd000 fffff880`04fc9000   ndistapi   (deferred)              
fffff880`04fc9000 fffff880`04ff8000   ndiswan    (deferred)              
fffff880`05266000 fffff880`052c0000   usbhub     (deferred)              
fffff880`052c0000 fffff880`052d5000   NDProxy    (deferred)              
fffff880`052d5000 fffff880`052f1000   AtihdW76   (deferred)              
fffff880`052f1000 fffff880`0532e000   portcls    (deferred)              
fffff880`0532e000 fffff880`05350000   drmk       (deferred)              
fffff880`05350000 fffff880`05355200   ksthunk    (deferred)              
fffff880`05356000 fffff880`05379000   luafv      (deferred)              
fffff880`05379000 fffff880`05391000   rspndr     (deferred)              
fffff880`05391000 fffff880`053fc000   SYMNETS    (deferred)              
fffff880`05600000 fffff880`05624000   HDAudBus   (deferred)              
fffff880`05624000 fffff880`05637500   EtronXHCI   (deferred)              
fffff880`05638000 fffff880`05643000   usbohci    (deferred)              
fffff880`05643000 fffff880`05654000   usbehci    (deferred)              
fffff880`05654000 fffff880`05661e80   EtronHub3   (deferred)              
fffff880`0568f000 fffff880`061a5000   atikmdag   (no symbols)            
fffff880`061a5000 fffff880`061eb000   dxgmms1    (deferred)              
fffff880`0765e000 fffff880`07704000   peauth     (deferred)              
fffff880`07704000 fffff880`0770f000   secdrv     (deferred)              
fffff880`0770f000 fffff880`07740000   srvnet     (deferred)              
fffff880`07740000 fffff880`07752000   tcpipreg   (deferred)              
fffff880`07752000 fffff880`077bb000   srv2       (deferred)              
fffff880`07800000 fffff880`07815000   lltdio     (deferred)              
fffff880`0781e000 fffff880`07aee680   RTKVHD64   (deferred)              
fffff880`07aef000 fffff880`07b0a000   USBSTOR    (deferred)              
fffff880`07b0a000 fffff880`07b18000   hidusb     (deferred)              
fffff880`07b18000 fffff880`07b31000   HIDCLASS   (deferred)              
fffff880`07b31000 fffff880`07b39080   HIDPARSE   (deferred)              
fffff880`07b3a000 fffff880`07b57000   usbccgp    (deferred)              
fffff880`07b57000 fffff880`07b64000   mouhid     (deferred)              
fffff880`07b64000 fffff880`07b72000   kbdhid     (deferred)              
fffff880`07b72000 fffff880`07bc7000   udfs       (deferred)              
fffff880`07bc7000 fffff880`07bd3000   Dxapi      (deferred)              
fffff880`07be1000 fffff880`07bfe000   cdfs       (deferred)              
fffff880`07e00000 fffff880`07e71000   SYMDS64    (deferred)              
fffff880`07e71000 fffff880`07e9f000   ccSetx64   (deferred)              
fffff880`07e9f000 fffff880`07ed0000   Ironx64    (deferred)              
fffff880`07edb000 fffff880`07f73000   srv        (deferred)              
fffff880`07f73000 fffff880`07f81000   crashdmp   (deferred)              
fffff880`07f81000 fffff880`07f8d000   dump_dumpata   (deferred)              
fffff880`07f8d000 fffff880`07f96000   dump_atapi   (deferred)              
fffff880`07f96000 fffff880`07fa9000   dump_dumpfve   (deferred)              
fffff880`07fa9000 fffff880`07fb2000   gdrv       (deferred)              
fffff880`0848f000 fffff880`0859d000   SYMEFA64   (deferred)              
fffff880`0859d000 fffff880`085d4000   SYMEVENT64x86   (deferred)              
fffff880`085d4000 fffff880`085e9000   SRTSPX64   (deferred)              
fffff880`0b214000 fffff880`0b36b000   BHDrvx64   (deferred)              
fffff880`0b36b000 fffff880`0b3dc000   spsys      (deferred)              
fffff880`0b3ea000 fffff880`0b3f8000   monitor    (deferred)              
fffff880`0b800000 fffff880`0b831000   AODDriver   (deferred)              
fffff880`0b862000 fffff880`0b920000   SRTSP64    (deferred)              
fffff880`0b9d1000 fffff880`0b9dc000   asyncmac   (deferred)              
fffff880`0b9dc000 fffff880`0b9e6000   GVTDrv64   (deferred)              
fffff880`0e400000 fffff880`0e482000   IDSvia64   (deferred)              
fffff880`0e4e6000 fffff880`0e6e9000   EX64       (deferred)              
fffff880`0e6e9000 fffff880`0e70b000   ENG64      (deferred)              
fffff880`0e70b000 fffff880`0e785000   eeCtrl64   (deferred)              
fffff880`0e785000 fffff880`0e7ab000   EraserUtilDrv11220   (deferred)              
fffff960`00050000 fffff960`00366000   win32k     (pdb symbols)            c:\symbolcache\win32k.pdb\8AACB81BDFC94444AEC11154078DDEEE2\win32k.pdb 
fffff960`00590000 fffff960`0059a000   TSDDD      (deferred)              
fffff960`007a0000 fffff960`007c7000   cdd        (deferred)              

Unloaded modules: 
fffff880`0b379000 fffff880`0b3ea000   spsys.sys 
fffff880`0b36b000 fffff880`0b379000   monitor.sys 
fffff880`07bd3000 fffff880`07be1000   monitor.sys 
fffff880`0b285000 fffff880`0b3a3000   BHDrvx64.sys 
fffff880`0b200000 fffff880`0b27d000   IDSVia64.sys 
fffff880`0b940000 fffff880`0b960000   ENG64.SYS 
fffff880`0ba04000 fffff880`0bbfc000   EX64.SYS 
fffff880`0b960000 fffff880`0b9d1000   spsys.sys 
fffff880`0b200000 fffff880`0b27d000   IDSVia64.sys 
fffff880`0b920000 fffff880`0b940000   ENG64.SYS 
fffff880`0ba08000 fffff880`0bc00000   EX64.SYS 
fffff880`08400000 fffff880`0847d000   IDSVia64.sys 
fffff880`01880000 fffff880`0188e000   crashdmp.sys 
fffff880`01416000 fffff880`01422000   dump_ataport.sys 
fffff880`01422000 fffff880`0142b000   dump_atapi.sys 
fffff880`01236000 fffff880`01249000   dump_dumpfve.sys

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The steps below are general troubleshooting steps for your problem. If you would like more specific steps, please provide the full reports by following the blue screen posting instructions.

The analysis you provided indicates a problem with your display card drivers. Are you using the most up to date drivers for your display card?

Have you tried installing the drivers without the Catalyst Control Center / AMD Vision Engine Control Center software?
Download the version of AMD drivers that you want to install, and then do the following steps.
  • Start the installation program to install your drivers and AMD software. When you get to the option to Express/Custom install, cancel the installation. Your drivers should now exist in C:\AMD\Support\xx-x_vista_win7_64_dd_ccc where the x's replace your version number of the driver software.
  • Uninstall all AMD software related to your graphics card by uninstalling AMD Catalyst Install Manager in Start Menu -> Control Panel -> Uninstall a program
  • If AMD Catalyst Install Manager is not listed, use the following method to uninstall the graphics drivers:
    1. Click Start Menu
    2. Right Click My Computer/Computer
    3. Click Manage
    4. Click Device Manager from the list on the left
    5. Expand Display adapters
    6. Do the following for each adapter (in case you have multiple display cards)
      • Right click the adapter
      • Click Uninstall (do not click OK in the dialog box that pops up after hitting Uninstall)
      • Put a tick in Delete driver software for this device (if this option is available, otherwise just hit OK) and hit OK
    1. Login as an adminstrative user
    2. Click Start Menu
    3. Click Control Panel
    4. Click Hardware and Sound
    5. Click Device Manager (the last link under Devices and Printers)
    6. Expand Display adapters
    7. Do the following for each adapter (in case you have multiple display cards)
      • Right click the adapter
      • Click Uninstall (do not click OK in the dialog box that pops up after hitting Uninstall)
      • Put a tick in Delete driver software for this device (if this option is available, otherwise just hit OK) and hit OK
  • Restart your computer.
  • Re-install your drivers from the C:\AMD\Support\xx-x_vista_win7_64_dd_ccc folder. See You cannot install a device driver by using its installation program in Windows Vista and scroll down for steps to manually install the driver.
    To locate the .inf file and manually install the driver


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Start by removing all Gigabyte utilities. The utilities you have installed have known problems with Windows 7.
GVTDrv64.sys Tue Sep 5 01:10:02 2006 (44FD22CA)
Gigabyte Easy Tune 6 driver (known BSOD issues w/Win7)

gdrv.sys Thu Mar 12 21:22:29 2009 (49B9D175)
Gigabyte Easy Saver - mobo power utility driver

AODDriver.sys Thu Mar 4 03:58:24 2010 (4B8F9250)
AMD Overdrive; also in EasyTune6 for Gigabyte motherboard [br] Known BSOD issues in Win7

AppleCharger.sys Tue Nov 1 20:46:00 2011 (4EB0AEE8)
GIGABYTE On/Off Charge driver. See here for details - GIGABYTE ON/OFF Charge [br] May cause BSOD on Win7/8 systems - uninstall to test (haven't seen recently (15Jan2013))

AODDriver2.sys Thu Apr 5 03:23:37 2012 (4F7D6499)
AMD Overdrive; also in EasyTune6 for Gigabyte motherboard [br] Known BSOD issues in Win7

3rd Party Drivers:
The following is for information purposes only. My recommendations were given above. The drivers that follow belong to software or devices that were not developed by Microsoft. Any drivers in red should be updated/replaced/removed. You can find links to the driver information and where to update the drivers in the section after the code box:
[font=lucida console]**************************Sun Feb 24 08:02:50.324 2013 (UTC - 7:00)**************************
[COLOR=RED][B]GVTDrv64.sys                Tue Sep  5 01:10:02 2006 (44FD22CA)[/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR=RED][B]gdrv.sys                    Thu Mar 12 21:22:29 2009 (49B9D175)[/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR=RED][B]AODDriver.sys               Thu Mar  4 03:58:24 2010 (4B8F9250)[/B][/COLOR]
amdxata.sys                 Fri Mar 19 10:18:18 2010 (4BA3A3CA)
timntr.sys                  Thu Jul 29 11:29:24 2010 (4C51BA74)
snapman.sys                 Wed Mar  9 06:22:38 2011 (4D777F1E)
vididr.sys                  Tue Apr 12 05:31:24 2011 (4DA4380C)
vsflt53.sys                 Tue Apr 12 05:31:35 2011 (4DA43817)
SYMEVENT64x86.SYS           Wed May  4 21:16:30 2011 (4DC2168E)
SYMDS64.SYS                 Mon May 16 16:15:03 2011 (4DD1A1E7)
SYMNETS.SYS                 Wed Jul 20 20:24:22 2011 (4E278DD6)
SYMEFA64.SYS                Thu Jul 21 18:22:02 2011 (4E28C2AA)
Ironx64.SYS                 Fri Jul 22 19:24:42 2011 (4E2A22DA)
EtronXHCI.sys               Mon Jul 25 15:30:56 2011 (4E2DE090)
EtronHub3.sys               Mon Jul 25 15:30:59 2011 (4E2DE093)
SRTSP64.SYS                 Tue Aug  2 14:29:54 2011 (4E385E42)
SRTSPX64.SYS                Tue Aug  2 14:30:01 2011 (4E385E49)
ccSetx64.sys                Mon Aug  8 15:47:34 2011 (4E405976)
Rt64win7.sys                Tue Aug 23 07:55:41 2011 (4E53B15D)
RTKVHD64.sys                Tue Oct 18 05:48:20 2011 (4E9D6784)
[COLOR=RED][B]AppleCharger.sys            Tue Nov  1 20:46:00 2011 (4EB0AEE8)[/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR=RED][B]AODDriver2.sys              Thu Apr  5 03:23:37 2012 (4F7D6499)[/B][/COLOR]
EraserUtilDrv11220.sys      Tue Jul 31 17:36:50 2012 (50186C12)
eeCtrl64.sys                Tue Jul 31 17:36:51 2012 (50186C13)
IDSvia64.sys                Tue Aug 28 20:48:40 2012 (503D8308)
AtihdW76.sys                Tue Nov  6 14:41:51 2012 (5099841F)
atikmpag.sys                Wed Dec 19 12:32:55 2012 (50D21667)
atikmdag.sys                Wed Dec 19 13:38:55 2012 (50D225DF)
EX64.SYS                    Thu Dec 20 02:22:39 2012 (50D2D8DF)
ENG64.SYS                   Thu Dec 20 02:24:21 2012 (50D2D945)
BHDrvx64.sys                Fri Jan 11 11:50:17 2013 (50F05EE9)

The following is for information purposes only. The following information contains the relevant information from the blue screen analysis:
[font=lucida console]**************************Sun Feb 24 08:02:50.324 2013 (UTC - 7:00)**************************
Loading Dump File [C:\Users\writh ziden\Downloads\2013_03_01\kenb2000\Windows7_Vista_jcgriff2\022413-42713-01.dmp]
Windows 7 Kernel Version 7601 (Service Pack 1) MP (8 procs) Free x64
Built by: [B]7601[/B].18044.amd64fre.win7sp1_gdr.130104-1431
System Uptime:[B]0 days 8:53:19.564[/B]
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for atikmdag.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for atikmdag.sys
Probably caused by :[B]atikmdag.sys ( atikmdag+8b6115 )[/B]
BugCheck [B]3B, {c0000005, fffff88005f45115, fffff8800bbe5440, 0}[/B]
BugCheck Info: [url=]SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (3b)[/url]
Arg1: 00000000c0000005, Exception code that caused the bugcheck
Arg2: fffff88005f45115, Address of the instruction which caused the bugcheck
Arg3: fffff8800bbe5440, Address of the context record for the exception that caused the bugcheck
Arg4: 0000000000000000, zero.
PROCESS_NAME:  Darksiders2.ex
FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: [B]X64_0x3B_atikmdag+8b6115[/B]
  BIOS Version                  F12a
  BIOS Release Date             01/24/2013
  Manufacturer                  Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
  Product Name                  GA-990FXA-UD5
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