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Creative 36X mx CD-rom with Win98 SE

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I'm having a problems with my CD-Rom (Creative 36X). Everytime I put a program disc in (office 2000, Photoshop, etc..etc..) My Rom reads it as a music player keeps opening up..any clue as to what is going on with this computer? please help.. :)
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You can control you auto-play setting by going to My Computer
remove any Cd's from the rom, right-click on it > properties > auto-play

Hope this helps.
Thanks Tech..:)
But even when I open the folder it's reading as audio file...any more tips? pls.. A.C
Try this:
Right click My computer
Goto Properties
Goto Performance
Goto File system
goto cd rom
Turn down the supplimental cache and/or access pattern.

I had to do both one day on a friends machine because it would always read one of his cds as a audio.
Thanks Danrak....That did the Job..
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