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Creating Backend DB - access 2003

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Hi all.

I have created a backend DB from my main DB but it did not transfer any of the tables, forms queries etc just an empty DB.

How do I get the all the tables, forms & queries into the BE database AND THEN link the front end to the BE?

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The DB had ALREADY been split to a front end & backend & I was trying split the frontend & wondering why it was not working!

Live & learn I suppose!!!

Few more questions about using FE & BE's.

At the moment I think the user's have a shortcut to the frontend (which is on a shared folder on the network) on their desktops.

Should they have is their own copy of the FE on their desktop?

I suspect YES!!!! & it is this that allows multiple users to access the DB.

How many users are allowed to access at one time? Are there any special settings, permissions that I need to set?

Any good Access 2003 texts to recommend for an old 97 access user that hasn't really developed DB's since 1998/9?


BTW - Office 2003 SP2
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