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create a dualboot windows xp/ubuntu system

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I have win xp currently installed
And i want linux too

I see tutorials on how to install on the same HDD
but i want to install on separate HDD's
XP on one HDD
and ubuntu on another HDD
and have it be a dualboot operating system

Also how does linux do with the ATI RADEON HD 4xxx series cards

i hear about ati driver issues but i am just curious, i have a Geforce 7900GT in case Ati does not work
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Its the same principle installing on a separate hard drive, just drive numbering and partitions change.

So whichever howto you follow, at the partitioning screen, you choose, manual partitioning and should see both hard drives displayed.

The one with windows is easily identified as it has one partition called NTFS the other hard drive will be blank (if a new hard drive) and it is this hard drive you choose to install
Ubuntu on.
Follow your install guide for a partioning scheme.

Dual boot is taken care of automatically you dont need to do anything.

If Its Ubuntu 10.04 and later and you have ATI or Nvidia at first boot on gnome desktop a popup screen will tell you drivers are available for your Nvidia or ATI card.
Just follow the pompts.
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