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CRC error while installing games

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Cannot install any game, while installing there were several error msg however ignored those & installation was successful
· after the installation there was an "auto patch" running
· restarted the comp & it was asking to insert the disc. used the games disk and while play it gave an error & comp shut down.
· once again uninstalled the game & reinstalling it - same issue we get CRC error and computer freezes.
looking forward for any solution or suggestions.
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Could you possibly post the entire error message? I could help further with an exact message.
Hi darem, welcome to TSF...

Are all the games getting installed via disc? If yes, it's probably a good time to use a specialist lens cleaner for your cd/dvd player as that may help.

Are you able to copy data from other data discs successfully?

If cleaning the lens or using other media doesn't help, it may also be worthwhile to check the cabling between the device and motherboard.

You could also try to check the discs in a friends computer. If they install fine, then you'll know for sure that your cd/dvd drive is either faulty or in need of a good clean or you need to replace or resecure the cabling.

Hope that helps :smile:
i got an error message about crc ,while installing the game civilization 4 please can you help me?????
while installing assassin creed i got many CRC error
whts the prob same thing happed while installing avatar
please help
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