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Crazy problem GTA SAN ANDREAS

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i just installed gta san andreas and everything works fine exept for the player models! they are all total white and sometiems they change color to blue :|
any1 know what the problem can be? PLEASE help

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yea its legit plz tell me anything that might fix it, reinstall etc and stuff :| ireally wanna play it normaly
Ok, I'll need to know some information about your computer.

Video RAM:
Video Drivers:

For example...

CPU: AMD Anthlon XP 3000+
OS: Windows 2000 Pro SP4
Video: ATi Radeon 9600Pro
Video RAM: 128MB
Video Drivers: Detonator 4.8
DirectX: 9.0c
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CPU: 2,6ghz p4 intel
OS:XP home edition
Video: fx 5200 (bad yes)
Video RAM: 128
Video Drivers: no idea
DirectX: 9.0c
I would imagine that even a 5200 could run it. Go to and download the latest drivers. Uninstall your current ones (You can use the add/remove programs contrl panel) and install the new ones.
should i remove nvidia display drivers or nvidia drivers or nvidia gart drivers?
now when i turn sandstorm cheat on i can see the characters n **** but not inside houses n stuff.. this **** is crazy man *** am i suppose to do
hey people i hope some1 answers me plzz i just wanna play normaly!!! wen i open GTA san andreas, well all i get is the beginning and the credits then the game closes by itself!! plz any1?? can u help me??
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