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I am having this problem where shogun 2 will crash after the end turn is pressed and it also has did it during there turns aswell. I contacted a techsupport and they said it could be register errors causing this i don't know. Also alot of people are aslo having this issue but I check out this link on fixes and they said its a hardware or sofeware problem that drivers may have to be updated. I did this and the games still crashes. They are suppose to be making a fix in a patch for this but if anybody here thinks this could be solved please give me some help on fixxing this issue. sorry for my grammer never been a good writer. thanks

here are my specs, let me know if you need more stuff

windows 7 32 bit
nivida geforce gtx 295 video card
4 Gb ram
i7 3.2 ghz processor extreme edtion
soundmax audio
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