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Crash in NDIS.sys wrapper....

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Im posting this question here from a person who sent this to me as a private message. Im not sure how to figure this out. Here's the way the message was sent:

My system is blue screening on the NDIS.sys wrapper Driver It is version 5.1. all my hardware is compatable and xp loads fine but I can only stay on for a little while before it blues, I read at microsoft that this was a probvlen with windows NT and they put out a service pack that addressed this problem ... But now here I sit with XP and I dont get to enjoy it alot of money Down yhe toilet>>>>>> Please help if you can .... I dual boot so I spend all my good time in 98se which runs good.

I am running a PentII 350 on an Abit BH6 board 512 ram
Ati Video.creative sound Internal zip ,Yamaha CD writer CD reg player 20 gig maxtor hard drive 1/2 C and 1/2 D (all show No problems in divice manager.

IFirst install I had a dial up 56K Zoom Modem running Compuserve ... got update for compuserve and windows xp gave me a driver it thought I should have .... well problems all the same upgraded to my drivers with updates for the ones I could find and left the ones I couldnt.

Second full clean install perfect load (now have linksys cable (USB) modem I found that the sound and the usb were on irq so I disabled the sound in attempt to trouble shoot....Did not work!!!.
Took out dial up card) ok till I really hit the net then power up and out..... almost like the last rev of an engine than bluescreen NDIS.sys Wrapper driver . Mem dump here is the info I get 0000000a
parameter1 00940016
par 2 0000002
par 3 000001
par 4 804e768b

0008: 72 72 6f 72 20 45 72

or bug check
0x000000d1 (0x0000000C,f84671ec Base at f8449000,date stamp 3b7dc561

please let me know if you need more info
thanks Debbie
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