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CPU usage jumping around

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I have a new dual opteron computer and it's been fast and working perfectly. This last week it has been chugging and the CPU has been jumping up and down like crazy from 0-10-5-30-10-60, ect.
I've updating XP again and used 3 different anti-viruses and 4 different adawares, found a few minor ad wares but nothing to be causing this problem. Finally I used Norton Utilities which found over 700 issues, fixed those ad restarted and the CPU isn't spiking up as high but it is still going up and down, what's going on??

thank you
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With Task Manager open, click on the Processes tab and then click CPU.
Now with each spike the guilty party moves to the top of the list.

system idle process jumps around 83-99
explorer jumps around 0-10
task manager 0-1

this was alot worse it is using less now.

however cpu usage jumps from 1-60, mainly 1-17, this just doesn't make since.
Not exactly sure of your AV situation but here are a few thoughts:
It sounds like your real-time security scanner(s) are causing the problem.

Only run one AV solution. Multiple AV's do not play well together...they hunt each other and in general do the "Don Quixote thing" :sayyes:
They also devour system resources.

Norton Anti-Virus has a reputation as being the king of resource-devouring AV solutions....I urge you to get rid of it.

I use the free version of AVG and it is excellent. Folks also rave about Avast!...another free AV solution.

A great free program for managing this sort of thing is WinPatrol. I have it set to manual and use it when needed. Download it, launch it, and it will identify running processes, startup apps etc. And it will do many other things as well.

When I say "free", I should say "donation ware", it's all very, very good.

Vancouver, WA
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I'm going to try this program out as well to hunt down the CPU hog;

I do have Norton since yesterday after the problem, before that I was using McGafee. I'll check that free anti virus out, thank you.
Yes, Process Explorer looks like just the ticket.

I'll have to try it out myself.

Good Luck
Froth 101

Have u tried to run a search for the virus froth 101 cause i have had a similar problem and i found froth101.exe cause all sorts fo problems uneed to get an anti froth can to delete it
I found the problem was my Dell's LCD USB that was plugged into my computer's USB was confusing the computer taking up all the CPU. Wow, believe it or not, such a little thing caused me so much trouble and took so much CPU.
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