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i have posted a thread before but i could never reply becuase my computer collapsed.

old thread:

i initially had windows 7 but by recommendation to the Hp Tech. i recoverd my laptop to Vista X64.. which seemd to be a mistake becuase not only is vista crap but my computer runs worst then how it was before.

i have check the bios and there up to date. doesnt tell me the temp so i use speedfan.

it randomly dims the screen like its going into hibernation [succesfull sometimes] but recenly it just makes a cliqqy noise and shuts off.
i try to power on and it turns on loads for like 4 sec. and re shuts down
before it did that i was in the internet with 2 tabs and i was running a movie.
and thats about it and the fan is extremly loud.

one trick that works is that when it wouldnt power up i removed the battery and put it back in; it loaded perfectly yet sometimes it ddoesnt work. and right now my computer is running at 75'C which is still pretty high since im not doing nothing.

heres a screen capture of an extreme temp. it was at the begining of november, butt thats what my comp. is normalling running at.
its kind of blury but yu can still see the temp dialog.

could it be my battery or the CPU?

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