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CPU Overheating. Spiking idle ~30 to ~90 when under stress

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AMD 6350
No overclocks
Stock fans, stock thermal paste.

Good morning TSM, this is my first and hopefully not my last post here!

I have noticed my PC phantom restarting for about 2 months now. I had recently updated to windows 10 so I attributed it to that, however; I've noticed the restarts becoming very frequent when loading a game or occasionally when watching a Youtube video with a friend in Skype.

After downloading programs (Speccy, HWMonitor, OHM) it dawned on me that, without a doubt, my CPU was the culprit. Opening the case and checking the fans for clogged arteries, I noticed a buildup of a sticky type of dust which I sprayed out and extracted with a tiny duster. That did not help. I removed the heatsink from the CPU to get a closer look. First and foremost, the heatsink it self was not 'stuck' on to the processor as it should have been as it was sliding around when touched. Secondly, the thermal paste seemed dry, and thin, kind of blotchy and not smooth.

I am about to head over to Canada Computers to grab me a new heat sink (Cooler Master Hyper 212) and a tube of paste. Do you think this would be worth it or just a waste of money/time? Also if anyone has any recommendations on heatsinks let me know. Preferably something cheaper than that posted heatsink above, I've heard good things about it though.

My knowledge is limited when it comes to overheating/troubleshooting and I'm cruising on common sense. I don't want to drive in the wrong direction, so if anyone has ANY sort of advice/knowledge to share with me as to what else could be overheating my CPU, please feel free to share!

PS: Should this be in the cooling section? I assumed that section was for cooling setups and whatnot

Idle/Browsing the internet

This may or may not help whoever is reading this

This is under stress
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Problem solved guys, I went and bought me the EVO 212 and it has dropped temps to 10c idle and 30-40c while gaming.
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