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Hi, everybody!
My laptop has a problem with the CPU overheating, which I have been using for a year. I changed the thermal paste thinking that overheating was a thermal paste problem. But on the contrary, the laptop began to heating up faster than before. What do you think could be the reason?

When the turbo mode is enable, the laptop heats up more.
When turbo mode is enable:
Idle: 55-65 C
Under load: 85-90 C

When Turbo mode is disable:
Idle: 45-55 C
Under load: 60-70 C (in this case fans run at the speed of 4000 RPM)
Note: these are CPU temp. The temperature of the GPU is normal.

Information about the laptop: Acer nitro 5 an515-54-54w2

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You may have used too much thermal paste. If the CPU is getting to its rated boost clock speed and the temp never goes past 90C at full load, then I'd say it's not overheating. Worst case scenario, the cooling assembly needs to be replaced. The coolant inside the heat pipes may have gassed off and dried up gradually, especially if the heat pipes have a poor seal or slight crack. It doesn't happen a lot, but it's a possibility over time.
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