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CPU/Motherboard Problem

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I have recently cleaned out my computer. After turning it back on, it cut out and a burning smell appeared.

Well after a few tests, I came to the conclusion it must be the CPU. The burning smell is coming from there. I have tried various power supply's. I know it is not the power supply.

When the power supply is connected to the 24 pin on the motherboard, the fans run and everything is fine. Even the hdd's will power when connected. But when I connect the other 4 pin on the motherboard near the cpu, the computer cuts out. What does this mean?

The pci - agp slots aren't powering either. Even the onboard gfx isnt loading the monitor.

There was a small diode (tower thing?) that was a tad loose next the cpu. I dont no if I have knocked that or what. I have checked the actual cpu chip and cannot see any obvious damage. I dont no what else it can be?

Can anyone give any suggestions? I really need this pc lol.

The computer is a Emachines 610, motherboard is a MS-6777

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Ok I found the culprit. I took the motherboard out, and powered it on and got the horrible smell again and it cut out. So I took the heat sink off and powered it up again and smoke starting coming out of the CPU itself.

So my cpu is f***ked lol. Does this mean my motherboard is too?

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