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CPU fan stoping?

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I have temperature controlled CPU fan installed. It worked perfectly for 2 years, but few days ago it began to behave strangely!
It works at full speed for 2-3 minutes, then it stops and isn't working for 5-10 minutes, and then it's warking againt for a minute or two... After an hour CPU temp is 75-85 and I have to turn off the PC.
I'd like to know your opinion is it fan problem or should I check the motherboar voltage or smthg like that?
btw. MBM states that my Aux (or Core) Voltage is to Low (1.20-1.35V) and my -12V voltage jums from -5 to -11V too. So maybe it's smtg wrong with the PSU?
Thnx for help!
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welcome to tsf
tell us about your power supply ..make /model /capacity and your system specs
post back
I'm not sure about PSU maker, some cheaper one, 350W.
Athlon 1800XP
GeForce 4 4200
how often do you clean your pc?

check it for any trapped dirt of stuff like that - very often dirt is the main problem with fans
I've just cleaned it perfectly!
If your PSU is actually having those sort of jumps then a replacement is necessary. The 12v only giving 11v is also a problem.
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