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Help! I am having a problem with cpu beeps - AMI Bios, on a Biostar MCP6p M2+ Mobo.
A few days ago when I took out the RAM (kingmax 1gb ddr667) to check the make in order to buy a second chip, and when I put the chip back in the beeping started ! About 23 short beeps, one long beep, a few seconds of silence and it started all over again !
I've briefly checked a few websites, including Megatrends and the websites don't list the beeps I'm experiencing.
I noticed a small chip on the gold connectors at the bottom of the chip, and suspected this was the cause. When I got the new chip, the problem still continued. I've tried both Dimm slots, and to no avail. All connections are fine - I've tried disconnecting my mouse, keyboard, HD, DVDRW but I can't get the fan loose without voiding my warranty to check the processors (2.41GHZ dual processors FYI).
I don't know if I'm imaging things, but I occassionally smell something burning - could this be a PSU issue?
I don't know what else to do - short of sending the PC back to have the Mobo replaced? Any ideas guys? Its quite frustrating when a week old pc doesn't start!!!
Could it be a graphics card problem? Its a 512 Nvidia Gforce onboard. Can't remember what the code was.

Any help would be appreciated!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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