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cpu and mobo temp?

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What should the correct temp. of the mobo and cpu be?

System specs.

asus p5b premium vista edition motherboard
intel q6600 cpu
2-visiontek x1650pro video cards:
2-2g sticks of ram
audigy 7.1 soud card
antec trio 650w power supply

my temps are around 50 deg celcius which i think is around 100+ fahrenheit. This seem very high to me. please let me know.

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If that is at-rest temps, yes, it is very high. You should be at idle in the high 30c to the low 40c while resting.

Please tell us what you are doing when you get those temps. Also, tell us what fans, where they are located, and which direction they are blowing.

Lastly, what did you use for the thermal solution or thermal paste between your CPU and your Heatsink?
These are the temp.'s when i am on the internet. Either watching a video or my daughter playing kids games on the internet. There are 3 standard fans on the case. 1 in the front of the case on the bottom, one on the side over the cpu and one on the back near the cpu. i dont recall if i have them blowing on the board and cpu or if they are exhaust fans. On board the mobo there is the cpu fan and another optional fan to cool the cpu. (asus p5b premium vista edition motherboard). the video card's fans, and the power supply fan. The power supply also feels quite hot on the back where the fan is.

any suggestions would be great.
sorry, i forgot to mention I used arctic silver thermal paste. :grin:
Check for at-rest temps with the computer just turned on and sitting there at idle. If those are temps playing a game, then you have nothing to worry about, that is pretty normal.

Fans = One in back must be pulling warm air out of the case and blowing it out of the back. Front fan should be pulling cool air in to the case from the outside. The side fan usually pulls in cool air also, so you have a fairly smooth front to back flow of cool air.
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