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Counter-Strike 1.6 Issues :S

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Hi, I wanted to address this issue about my computer with people who may know what is going on... I have a Compaq Presario 2100 Notebook computer, with 512mb ram, 1.8gHz AMD Athlon XP-M, 64mb ATI Radeon IGP 320M. And I have the crappiest time running CS 1.6, and I figured my computer should at LEAST run that, right? I have settled with the fact it wont play anything else, but 1.6? jeez, it's a game from like 1999. Please, can someone tell me if I am destined to be a websurfer, or should my computer be able to play it and there is just something wrong with it.
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have you updated the drivers ?

what FPS are you getting in game ?

do you have any loss or choke ?

do other games run ?

are you trying to play in opengl or directx ?

this tool will allow u to install regular catalyst drivers to the IGP
i must also say the 320 IGP isnt the best card and was not intended for gaming. my 3 year old laptop with an intel chipset manages cs 1.6 at around 40 FPS and thats pushing it.
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Yes, Drivers are all up to date.

My FPS is a high of 9 to 11

At times, gameplay gets pretty choppy

I can run Halo, if that's any help, other than that, I avoid games because I know what I CAN'T do... :laugh: oh, and I tried playing Need For Speed Underground and couldn't get past the main menu it was so laggy.

and, I am pretty sure I have tried both, I'm actually gonna try right now.

I was thinking it was my GPU (onboard shared crap) but not positive.
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The game runs about the same on D3D and OpenGL, and keep in mind, these are on the LOWEST settings too.
then im strictly tipping on ur gpu that since its integrated and i read some tests and reviews it just doesnt want to handle cs 1.6 im surprised that you can run halo .....
I was kinda leaning towards that, I just wanted some more educated deductions behind it, thanks.
np. i do know it plays on my averatec 5100 wich has the intel centrino first gen 1.3ghz and the regular intel integrated graphics.

how well does your halo work on the laptop ?
not bad... I can actually turn up the graphics a slight bit, but not to much, other than that, it runs fairly smoothly. I noticed most of my trouble in CS was the smoke grenades, they bog me down so much, I stop moving.
have you tried 16 bit mode and 800 x 600 ? also u can turn down the quality of the smoke grenades and the max bullet caseings and smoke puffs in the console.

console commands related to smoke and casings start with a "cl_" i believe also type in net_graph3 and see if there are any loss or choke
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