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could you help me fix my pc please

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About two weeks ago I posted a hijackthis log as my pc was running slower than usual. The log was clean. However now my computer is going even slower, and I’m worried that it’ll get worse until it basically comes to a halt-which I (and more literally my parents) can’t afford to fix. I’ve done an ada-ware scan and AVG scan as usual. The AVG was clean, and the ada-ware had the usual low-risk files. However I want to go a bit further than I normally do before posting my log, as I want to get the problem properly fixed. It has gone slow before, and it only got worse and worse, so please help.

On the ‘read this before posting a log thread’ the following anti-virus/spyware scans were posted:

Which one(s) do you recommend I use? I was going to use housecall until I was prompted to download an activeX thing (I don’t really know what activeX is, and I was worried about viruses, I’m incredibly paranoid).
Also in my control panel I didn’t see any programs I’m supposed to remove, but I seen things like Tetris and ShopAt HomeSelect cash back which I was suspicious about.
I’ve heard of a virus scanner called avast (I think). Is it any good?

Thanks for your help, seriously. Please bare with me, I’ve had my hard disk wiped before and for it to happen again would cause a lot of bother.
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for what it's worth, housecall is as safe as any of the others.

the activex thing is the pattern file, and it will update each time you use the scan.

it's the one i use.

panda is nice too.

basically, the people who posted those links each have their own favorite, but all of the ones listed have been publicly accepted as safe.

Although the initial log you posted did not have any malware showing, we have not declared your system clean. I would like to see you go back to your original HJT thread and follow through with the instructions. Then after we're sure there's no malware at work, we can address other issues that may be affecting your system speed.

As for the anti-virus scanners, it has already been suggested that you start with Panda. Waltside is correct in that all are safe, and that it is often the individual's preference that decides which scan to use. But more than that, some scanners are better at picking up certain things than others, and analysts tailor their use of particular scanners for specific purposes.

So please continue on with your original thread. Raise any issues you are concerned about there, and we will work to help you get your system into shape. :sayyes:
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