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Could someone edit a photo for me please?

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I have a .psd file. I need it to say under the star Custom Content.

Follow instructions to download
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I can't figure out how to edit that first post so I'll make another. I have a change of plans. I need a different photo(s) edited. I need instead of your, Over Ground Design. Here are the files: (dont know which one ya need)

I just realized I need buttons edited too. I don't mean to sound like gimme dis and gimme dat. I need buttons saying Home, About, Contact, Downloads, Info, and Links.

Just fill in 4 , 5, and 6 for the others.

I know I'm asking for a lot. Fonts and stuff doesn't matter, as long as they look decent. If you have a little time, I would really appreciate this.
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Unfortunately we can only give you advice on how to do what you're trying, we can't do it for you.
Okay, but I asked a few months ago for someone to edit a file for me and there wasn't a problem. The thread isn't here anymore. If no one will, then advise away. I have Paint. That's about it.
Well you can't open a psd file with paint. You can however with the Gimp
it was fox that edited it for you, and it was a different editing process you were asking for.

it just so happened that fox knows about that process, and was willing to spend some of his free time to edit it for you.

the original thread is here:

so, there is two ways you can get your file edited, one, someone will come along who knows how, and will explain it, or two, someone will come along who knows how and do it for you.

since i don't know what it is you are trying to accomplish, because your links are all dead, i won't be able to help at all, i just wanted to link you to the old thread.

however, if you can provide me with the images, and can explain better what it is you want, i could see if i can do it, and if i can, i would be glad to spend a few moments trying.
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