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Could not open INSTALL.LOG file.

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Trying to uninstall a program and keep getting this error. Tried uninstalling thru add/remove programs and also the programs uninstall feature.

Please help.
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What program is it if you dont mind me asking ?
Its a video conversion software called WinMPG Video Convert. I'm having a problem with it and I want to remove it and re-install.
The log file might have been erased during a cleanup. Reinstall and uninstall again.

btw, if you've run a program to crack the trial version of WinMPG Video Convert, you won't be able to uninstall the usual way.
I already tried re-installing and un-installing. Didn't work. I think it is a cracked version.
Anyone have any suggestions ?
Sorry, we can't offer any help with pirated/cracked software.
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