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Could not connect to host

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What are the most common cause for a "could not connect to host" problem?

The firewall is not blocking anything, and even with the firewall disabled, the problem still occurs.

With "Server" service turned on, the problem still happens.

Windows xp

Also the server couldn't find any trace of a connection attempt, so my attempts to connect never actually made it to the server.

Also is there a guide anyway for a problem like this?
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Most common problem is you don't have an account on the server or if you do the password you are logging on the workstation isn't the same as the account on the server.
you dont need an account to login to the server, its an open server. you can login with anything.

so since its not the 1) firewall, the 2) server, what else could be the most common causes to the problem?

it just says "could not connect to host." it doesnt give any errors or anything.

do you even need the "Server" service turned on to login to servers in the first place?? I just turned it on to check.
again, "Also is there a guide anyway for a problem like this?"
I suggest you do your own homework
we tried to help you here but you took offence so were banned from that site. I can see exactly the same happening here as well.
I think that it's time to Close this Thread since OP has found the answers.
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