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Hi, there! It seems like I have quite a big problem with Cortana. All I want to do is to acces Notebooks so I can choose Spotify as my music provider, but my Cortana doesn't seem to have Notebooks in its settings.
I've opened the settings, went through privacy thinking that I've had forgotten to do something but it doesn't seem I have to do anything more than I did.

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Cortana can search for an app on your computer or on the net, but Cortana doesn't know what you mean when you type Notebook.
What are you trying to do? Have you downloaded Spotify yet? if no, then open your browser (ie) Edge, Firefox, Chrome etc and type Spotify into the address bar and press Enter. Google should come up and you can choose Spotify and download it. Once it is installed if you want to make that your Default Audio Player. Go to Settings/Apps/Default Apps/Music Player and choose Spotify.
In the future, if you want to search for something in Cortana, you do not have to type Notebook, it already knows you are on a laptop. Just type the app, or word you are looking for.
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