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Corrupted files after interrupted partition resizing

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Hi All,

I was in the middle of resizing my portable hard drive (WD Elements 500GB, Two partitions one FAT32 and one NTFS) when I totally forgot about it and put my computer on sleep. Unfortunately Windows doesnt wait for processes to finish and just goes ahead and sleep. So obviously the partition I was resizing is now screwed up.

Using [email protected] Partition recovery I managed to recover the lost partition, but the problem is half my files are corrupted. Most photos are okay but pretty much all my videos are not openable. Everything is there, nothing is missing, but they are corrupted.

I haven't written any new data ever since I stuffed it up.

I've ran Recuva (with scan non-deleted items ticked) and lots of my corrupted files came up however when I recover them theyre still corrupted

Usually I can always recover 90% of my files when I do something stupid to my hard drive (Not in the same way as this though) so I'd like to know the technical reason behind the amount of corrupted files this time
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Two possibilities, there were files being relocated at the time, and the $bitmap or the file allocation table didn't get updated, Or the offsets to the file locations didn't get updated.
so no chance of fixing it then?
You could try some other recovery software that may use different algorithms to locate files. r-studio and getdataback would both be good candidates. I wouldn't hold out a lot of hope however.
Alright Im using R-Studio and it looks like I'm able to recover quite a few of my files. The file names are lost and I think R-Studio just gives them an arbitrary numbered name, which is no big deal. What is a slightly bigger deal is that most of the file sizes are totally screwed up. My 45 minute videos all encoded the same way were originally 1.09GB in size, Most of them gets recovered at the same size but a few have almost doubled or more in size?
Without directory information, the size of files are unavailable as well as the filenames. r-studio scans the disk for file header signatures to locatet he start of files and the type, there is no filename available hence the arbitrary numeric name as you speculated. If the file type has a footer signature indicating the end of the file, then the recovery software can tell when the end of the file is reached. If a type has no footer, then there is no way to be certain where a file ends, so the recovery software uses an arbitrary size for each type. This can result in files that are 'clipped' or files with extraneous data at the end. It also causes issues with integrity in files that are fragmented. Unfortunately even the most expensive Forensic Software suffers the same shortcomings.
If we knew exactly how big each file should be is there a tool that can truncate file sizes? I did a quick google search but havent found any
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