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User has an email that is undeletable in the outlook 2002 inbox. you can
open it, read it and the envlope changes to can right click it
and set it to unread. If you delete it you get an unkow error...( not that I
dont know it -it says Unkown error) I went on my SBS server and under
exchage/user/inbox found it and deleted is gone from the exchange
server....but it is still in the user inbox....I set the user to have thier
own .PST file and when you open outlook the email is STILL THERE...I set her
back to exchange and....the email is still there....

Any takers on the pain-in-the- A#$ email that wont leave???

Oh yeah we have ran detect and reapir on outlook...the email is...ahh you
get my point!!
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