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Corporate AV suggestions

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I was wondering if anyone could recomend any corporate antivirus solutions. I administor about 45 computers and 15 servers and I would like something I can manage from a centralized location. Thanks.
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You could also try AVG from their website here.

It's very unintrusive and not resource hungry. :wave:
I've started using Prevx1 for my business clients.

Easy silent install across the userbase, and everything can be managed from an online Centralized Control Center. Previously used Sophos but Prevx1 is a breeze in comparison.

Prevx1 Business:

Their Control Center:

Sophos would be my AV program of choice, but is very expensive for personal use.

Updating across a network can be set up as fully automated.

For usiness use I believe it is amongst the best

The Licence for Sophos allowed any business user with a legal copy on their work machine to also use it on their own (home ) computer.

Given that a large majority of virus's found on work or business computers are brought in by people bring in their own floppy disks, flash drives etc. This gives complete protection by preventing the virus's being brought into work in the first place.


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Some hate it, but others swear by it: Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition. I know businesses of your approximate size who have used it for years without any hitches.

Before people start waving torches and pitchforks, I am talking the Corporate Edition and not the sometimes tempermental and bloaty home version.
NOT MACAFEE, especially what happened a few months ago.
Work here use Trend Micro's solution and have found it to be good.
Only "niggle" I have with it is the Administration page counts tracking cookies as viruses
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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