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Cookie Troubles since ZoneAlarm Update 6.0.667.000

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Hi there :)
Hopefully somebody can help me out :)

I recently updated my ZoneAlarm (Free version) to the 6.0.667.000 one, and somewhere in the update, it asked me if I wanted it to automatically clear out my cookies, with some new
thingy called *Smart Defence* to which I must have clicked 'Yes'
instead of 'No', becuz ever since I'm having troubles going to Websites I've previously visited, as well as to signing in to some of the sites I'm a member of too :(
Even on my TVListings site,

When I try to access or sign in to these sites, a message will pop up telling me that my browser doesn't allow cookies,or that my cookies are disabled! :(
(I usually use Explorer 6 when surfing the web, and I also
have Windows 98 SE)

Or else it will let me sign in, but won't stay signed in :(

If I try to access the same sites with Netscape, it works fine on
some sites, although extremely slow, and sometimes freezes up, as I still have an old old version (4.5 I think).
I'm afraid to update my Netscape as I'm in fear of losing everything (that happened to me previously while defraging, becuz
unbeknownst to me, someone had put harddrive dividers in, and I
lost everything on my whole computer! My computer guy got rid
of the divider thingys, but I still have my fears ;) But that's a whole different problem that I'll have to address some other time :) )

So I prefer to surf with Explorer 6 while using Netscape 4.5 for my email account :)
(I haven't had any troubles signing into my main Netscape email
account, nor Webmail using Explorer :) )

I've tried to figure out a way to change my settings/preferences on ZoneAlarm for this Smart Defense thingy, but not even the
Program Wizard icon shows on the page :( I have even scoured the 'Help' section, but it seems to only address the ZoneAlarm
Pro (Pay Version) on there :(
I've also posted on the ZoneAlarm site, but no help from anyone
so far :(

I'm just trying to find out what section it is on FREE ZoneAlarm for me to change the 'Cookie' thingy, so that I can go back to controlling them myself :)
(I'm guessing that will solve my troubles :) )

On my Internet Explorer 6 page, I have gone to the 'Tools' , then 'Internet Options', and 'Privacy', and on 'Advanced' tabs and have checked the 'Override Automatic Cookie Handling' box, changed the Cookies section to 'Prompt', and then only *sometimes* can I get into the sites after that, but not often :(

It's driving me crazier than I already am! ;) LOL!

Might you possibly have any clues on how I can change/fix my
FREE version of ZoneAlarm?? :)
(Oh how I wished I had never updated it, I had absolutely
no troubles like this before :( )

And the silly thing is, I still have Cookies showing up on
my Temporary Internet File anyways, that I have to still clear
off manually, so much for *Smart Defense** ;)

ThanX very much for your time :)
Take care, Agent Extremis :)
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In earlier versions of Zone Alarm, cookies options are in Privacy.

I've heard that the Smart Defence feature isn't too clever, and the 'remember settings' prompt doesn't work on the new upgrade... have you noticed this?
Hey Koala :)

I've looked high and low for this so-called 'Privacy' tab
on my FREE version of ZoneAlarm, and it's just not there :(
(while searching for helpful hints previously about this
problem of mine, I've heard mention of the 'Privacy' tab quite
a few times)

Where is it located??

I'm thinking that the 'Privacy' tab is only available on
the PAID version of ZoneAlarm :(

When I double-click on the ZoneAlarm icon on my taskbar,these are the only sections/tabs that show on my FREE version:
--Overview (Status/ProductInfo/Preferences)
--Firewall (Main/Zones)
--Program Control (Main/Programs)
--Anti-Virus Monitoring (Main)
--EMail Protection (Main)
--Alerts & Logs (Main/Log Viewer)

Unless there is some other way that I don't know of to access
this 'Privacy' tab, or other parts of my ZoneAlarm, I'm indeed
lost :(

And yes, I have noticed that the 'Smart Defense' doesn't recognize the 'Remember Me' option when you checkmark it on
sites :(

I haven't noticed anything positive at all about this 'Smart
Defense' Option :(

The only thing it's done for me, is totally mess up my browser
cookies :(
(plus I also get the message 'Done but with errors on page' all
of the time now too :( )

Please help if you can :)

ThanX :)

Take care, AE :)
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I'm using the Pro version v5.1

The sections on the left of the Zone Alarm window are the same as yours plus Privacy (cookies, ad-blocking and script-blocking) and ID Lock (to prevent personal info being sent to fraudulent sites, eg fake eBay sites)

I would uninstall and go back to the previous version if this one is buggy and causing you problems.
You may try this, internet tools/options privacy the same place you control
cookies. there should be a button to click on to show you blocked sites,
scroll through list and remove these from the list, I can almost guarantee
the sites in question are listed in that list. You may also try to click the
trusted site icon and add those particular web sites to the trusted site
zone. I have ran into this problem when using spybot, mainly with win
98 os's, but Ive seen it occur in xp os's as well. It can be a pain. Persistence
is key,,lol
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