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Converting any movie to Quicktime duplicates the movie

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Whenever I convert a movie to quicktime, I get a duplication of the movie and it's without sound. So what I get is the correctly converted movie, and then right after that one is a duplicate without sound. Weird.:4-dontkno
I have no idea what or how it is doing this.

Any ideas?
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What software are you using? I assume you mean you are converting to .mov? or are you using Quicktime to convert to some other format?
So you get one movie correctly converted with its sound and one movie without sound?
Sorry. I'm using Format Factory to convert flv to QT for use on an iPod.
It happens with Foxreal and Cinema Forge as well.
Should/Can I use .mov on an iPod instead?
mpg4 using the H264 codec would be the way to go these days I would think - Format Factory will do that - choose all to Mobile Device, select your mobile device from the LHS panel (in this instance: Apple iPhone, iPod & iPad) then leave the settings as default and convert.
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