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Converting an Image Type

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How do I convert an image from bitmap to jpeg or other more web friendly format?
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Hiya 40,

Hmmm not sure how many programs do this but ....
I use Photoshop to do that. Simply save the image and then open it up in Photoshop and Save it as another format.

There are other alternatives to using Photoshop. GIMP is a free and a little more basic version of Photoshop but I believe it is able to do that. Heck, even try Paint. :laugh: Just follow the same procedure stated above.

Have a fun and computing day,
Grove :cool:
U could use paint, irfan view etc etc.

Just open the file in paint/irfan view and chose "save as" there chose Jpeg as the filetype.
Another option (with excellent compression quality) is Image Optimizer from
It converts all image formats and optimizes jpg/png/gif compression for websites. It can also batch convert very quickly if you have hundreds of bitmaps.
OK thanks guys. I never needed to do that before and didn't know it was just a click away.
40, if you have photoshop and you're using your images on the web, use the 'save for web' option. You'll get some options to optimize the file.
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