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Convert VHS to DVD

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I would like to convert my VHS videos to DVD 4 playback on DVD players.

I found this website:
where one of the requirements is:
A video capture card or a video card with VIVO (Video In, Video Out) function installed on it.

I have never opened my computer and am a beginner with computers. How can I find out about my video card (if I have one) and if I do not have the requirements for the video card, can I avoid cost?

Thank you.
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Go to Start > Control Panel > System > Hardware tab > Device Manager. Your video card will be listed under Display Adapters. Post back with the name.

There might be some confusion about the terms being used. Usually 'video card' refers to the graphics card, the thing that allows you to see anything on the screen. If your graphics card does not have the required 'capture' capabilities, then you will need to add an extra 'video capture card' or 'TV card'. This allows you to watch and record TV programs or VHS videos on your computer, and can be an internal card that slots into your motherboard or an external device that plugs into a spare USB port.

Hauppauge WinTV-PVR PCI Interface Tuner Card - $50
VisionTek TV Wonder HD 600 USB Stick - $85
KWorld X-Pert DVD Maker PCI Card - $10 (don't expect very good quality from this, the cheapest option I could find)
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