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Continuous Reboot Cycle

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Ok well I've done a bunch of searching, and I've found some problems similar to mine, but not quite.

Here's the problem:

While in windows, doing nothing ein particular(I think I was using google maps) my computer did a dead freeze, it was completely frozen, mouse and everything. So I reset it. Everything happened like normal, but after 15 seconds or so in the Windows XP load screen the computer reset. It loaded up again and crashed at roughly the same spot, 15 seconds into the XP load screen(the one with the progress bars).

I tried leaving my computer off for an hour to see if it was some kind of overheating issue, but it wasn't. I tried running it in safe mode, and it still did the same thing during the load sequence.

Any suggestions or tips? I'm going to see if I can find my XP CD to do a chkdsk on it, but other than that, I'm out of ideas. I have way too much stuff on my computer so I can't just format it.


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definitely perform a chkdsk and see if that helps. also try fixing the master boot record too. after you do a chkdsk with your windows xp cd, also type in either "fixboot" or "fixmbr" which fixes your master boot record. it should only take a sec and reboot the computer afterwards.

if that doesnt work, go to a working computer and download the diagnostics utility from the manufacturer's website of your hdd. then boot up with it too, follow the onscreen instructions, and test your hdd for any errors.

also try boot into safe mode by pressing F8 when you reboot your computer. when the safe mode menu comes up, choose "last good configurations" and see if it helps solve your problem, good luck.
I'd run a memory diagnostic as well. I had the same thing happen. It was the memory.

Some viruses can exhibit this behaviour. Have you run a virus scan?

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